Strategies that E-commerce Managers Should Know

Strategies that E-commerce Managers Should Know | Business of buying and selling is growing rapidly. With a very lucrative concept of profit, who is not interested in going into business with a new concept. The concept is to use the e-commerce as a place to meet with buyers. But there are still many newbies who want to immediately form an e-commerce to rival senior e-commerce. It was said by many people to dig their own hole.

Why did it happen?

This is because there is no ability but hopes to compete with seniors.

As we know the business is very strict indeed. Especially in the business with the concept of e-commerce, e-commerce business is very strict. Even more strict than the conventional business.

As an e-commerce business manager, there must be several strategies that are suitable to face the challenges and fierce competition. Here are some strategies that e-commerce managers should know:

  • Advertise on Google Adwords

The first strategies that e-commerce managers should know is Advertising. Advertising is indeed very necessary in business. Whether it’s conventional business or online business. In fact, online stores require advertising more than conventional businesses. Online businesses do not have a physical store so there are not many opportunities for prospective new buyers to find. So advertising is very necessary. By using business advertising, online has a huge opportunity.

One of them is using Google Adwords. Google Adwords are advertisements on Google. Of course everyone is very familiar with Google. Google has helped many people get the information they need. By advertising on Google will certainly be seen by many people.

But not only that is the advantage of advertising, advertising on Google can also choose the intended market. Can choose markets with the right level of intervention. So that advertising is not aimed at just anyone. Choosing the right target market will increase the interest of buyers.

For example, we sell patterned cellphone casings. We can sell casings with certain motifs to buyers who really like that motif.

  • Do price research regularly

In conducting business processes the price will be the main point that must be considered. As an entrepreneur, of course we really want a very large profit margin. But instead the buyer wants to buy the product at the lowest possible price. Determining a suitable price will increase the buyer’s interest in the product. As a e-commerce sales, we only can play with the price. This is because many other entrepreneurs also sell the same thing.

By following the prices on the market it will increase the chances of selling upward products. But it must be remembered do not drop prices like crazy. This will be fatal for entrepreneurs and only benefit prospective buyers. The price war that occurred in e-commerce is not very good. Because of this, many entrepreneurs go bankrupt.

Take the time of the week just to research the business market. After doing our research, do not immediately follow the prices in the market. Give a strategy in finding the right price in the market to create a good sales volume. And of course provide benefits to entrepreneurs.

  • Remarketing visit

In this case it is an advantage of Google Adwords. Where we can analyze the ads that have occurred on Google Adwords. From the results of advertising on Google Adwords we can remarketing visitors who are not affected by our ads. By doing remarketing in a different way, we can hope that the person will be interested.

In analyzing the results of advertisements, we can use Google Analytics features. Google has thought of all ways to help us advertise. Google Analytics was formed in order to better introduce Google Adwords products or brands. Of course if you do retargeting, the way to do the promotion must be different. With a different point of view, can certainly reach a different market.

  • Maximize mobile friendly features

Since the smartphone was invented, the world seems to have changed. Where anyone can access anything anywhere at any time. It is a very amazing change of times. By following the changing times, e-commerce users must also follow suit by making a very mobile friendly appearance.

Access using mobile, has made it easy for prospective buyers. Can obtain product information. Ecommerce must create a mobile display that is very fast and lightweight. Because users who use mobile are very concerned about the level of speed that can be given. The faster the better the impact will be given.

  • Don’t force customer

Coercion in doing small things will also affect the desire to make a transaction. Small mistakes in e-commerce can have an impact on buyer activity in e-commerce.

In this case, do not force the buyer to register before the buyer wants to enter into a transaction. Buyers will feel uncomfortable about it and will turn to other e-commerce. This must be avoided in order to avoid its effects.

  • Give buyers the desire

The buyer is famous for his strange desires. But there are still buyers who will give constructive suggestions or wishes.

For example, following the buyer’s advice only in arranging the display so that buyers find it easier to find products. The most sought after by buyers in e-commerce are cheap products. This has become everyone’s public secret. With the difficulty of buyers finding it will reduce the interest of buyers in e-commerce exploration.

Fortunately, hotlowprice knew the concern and provided a solution. Hotlowprice took the initiative in grouping discounted products into a container. So that buyers no longer need to bother looking for products at low prices. Hotlowprice will summarize cheap products from AliExpress so hotlowprice has now become a favorite place for everyone to look for cheap products.

For safety, of course you don’t need to worry anymore. Hotlowprice only summarizes cheap products and let AliExpress do everything. Is not an idea like that is very brilliant. Trivial ideas that are unthinkable but a favorite for everyone.

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HotLowPrice brings solutions to the weaknesses of ecommerce

HotLowPrice brings solutions | Technological progress is growing very rapidly, current technology is very easy for us all to do many things.

Technology has been able to provide recommendations needed by the world community. Not only directed to developing countries but also to developed countries.

Technological advances in product search direct to e-commerce (online shopping products). Ecommerce is not an ordinary shopping place. Ecommerce has provided all the conveniences in product search, payment to delivery of products to the destination. Just by pressing a few buttons have to do shopping without having to travel to its physical location.

Things like that will help many people of the world in shopping. From the concept of buying a product must go to the physical store to the product that is provided in plain sight. The concept is contrary to the concept that has occurred throughout the masses.

Who does not know about Alibaba at this time. Alibaba, which is a very large B2B e-commerce based service in China and even the world. Now Alibaba has formed a network in large businesses and small to medium businesses and above.

Alibaba not only do business in China but has reach the whole world. Until Alibaba can compete with other world giant ecommerce, Amazon. Making Amazon as a rival proves that Alibaba is worthy of being called a giant ecommerce.

Not only being a rival for Amazon, Alibaba also formed a giant group and formed several Subsidiaries, one of which was AliExpress. AliExpress is the same ecommerce as Alibaba.

So what’s the difference?

Alibaba and ALiExpress are indeed ecommerce with the same product but the target market is not the same. Alibaba onlt aimed business people who will resell and must make purchases in large quantities. This is different from AliExpress which aimed the consumers. In other words, you can buy even in low quantities.

The difference is not only that. With Alibaba, buyers will get supplier contact numbers to directly make the bargaining process there. It is different from AliExpress in that every transaction process must through AliExpress. And both parties must follow the system that has been designed by AliExpress.

Because of that reason AliExpress is a struggle for the world community in purchasing products online. AliExpress also has a feature that is most needed by most ALiExpress visitors, namely the very low price of the product.

Not only that, AliExpress also often gives a sizable discount on products at low prices. With low prices and free shipping features, AliExpress offers exceptional satisfaction to prospective customers.


AliExpress is an e-commerce site that very often gives large discounts every day to customers. Surely many customers are chasing discounts from the e-commerce site.

Of course, customers who chase the discount have very logical reasons. Only with a discount of 30% only, customers have been scrambling to get it. Especially with discounts that exceed 50% and will be held every day outside of major events that will be done.

With the holding of large events such as 11.11 and 12.12. Discounts will be given much higher and can be up to 90%.

Not only is the price of the product prioritized in this regard, in terms of security is also a consideration of a team that is very detailed. Customers will also take into account the security system in force. AliExpress has provided multiple layers of security to safeguard the security of data that has been entrusted by customers to AliExpress.

But behind the many advantages provided by AliExpress, there are still difficulties in finding products that get massive discounts. AliExpress does show products that will be given a massive discount. But AliExpress has a few flaws that may not be known to many people.

AliExpress always gives the best to its customers. Not looking at who or the position of the customer. This is evident from the absence of levels from customers who often make purchases on AliExpress. Indeed, in that case it needs to be appreciated because not many people do this.
But besides that AliExpress forgot to group products that would be given a discount. AliExpress only provides discounted products without grouping.

Present Website hotlowprice

With the obstacles that arise like that a website is kind enough to present by providing solutions to the problems experienced by everyone. Solution by presenting features that are not available by AliExpress itself. That is a feature by grouping discounted or sales prices into one website. One website specifically for collecting discounted products.

It does look very easy and trivial solutions provided, but this trivial thing is needed by most of the world community. Features that will provide the kind of recommendation of the lowest priced items on AliExpress. Not only classifying discount items that are cheap, but also provide recommendations with product ratings and reviews that are quite good. So the public will not be disappointed with the recommended features provided by hotlowprice.

HotLowPrice brings solutions for customers who experience weaknesses of the system formed by AliExpress. Hotlowprice want to eliminate the frustration of buyers on several similar websites

Then whether the recommended product will be on AliExpress?

Of course the selected product will be available on AliExpress. The system will directly connect product selection into AliExpress system. Isn’t that very supportive in finding products efficiently and effectively.

There are also many products available at hotlowprice. The number of products is not only in the form of quantity of products, but also the quantity of diversity of the same categories as in AliExpress.

In this case, the completeness of the product in the hot price does not need to be doubted. Hotlowprice will update the product regularly. Update is use to avoid the expired product information. Constraints in the absence of stock will never appear on the hotlowprice site.

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