Must Have These Standard Features in E-commerce site

Standard features in E-commerce site | Every website must have its own attraction will increase traffic. There are even websites that always follow the development trend which always applies it to website design. Following the trend alone will not increase conversions on sales websites, especially e-commerce. E-commerce must have standard features to be able to compete with other e-commerce sites.

Here are the Standard features in E-commerce site:

Ease of use

The first Standard features in E-commerce site is Ease of use. Ease of use can be seen from how simple the display is used. It aims to
reach users from various walks of life even those who don’t understand at all.
An iterative process is also recommended to be simplified. From the convenience
provided, it can attract the interest of customers to make conversions or

Convenience also aims to shorten users to use the website. Because users
will not waste their valuable time just to learn the complicated system that is
used in e-commerce.

High Resolution Photos and Videos

In making a purchase the customer will be very happy if he can see a clear
product and the edits. With the development of existing technology, of course
this is not a very difficult thing to do.

The product information provided may of course be given in text form. But it
would be nice to be inserted in a number of product photos that aim to attract
the attention of prospective buyers.

Potential buyers will like access the photos quickly The long duration of loading photos will reduce the interest of buyers to transact. And the last one must load photos from various perspectives.

Mobile Friendly Website

In this age of technological development, everyone has been greatly helped
by the presence of smartphones. Where all cyberspace is in the grip. Website
performance in mobile mode must also be considered. One of which must be
considered is a good user experience for prospective buyers. A good user
experience can increase conversions very well. The comfort provided will make
prospective customers more comfortable in exploring the website.

Customer Review

Other customer reviews are needed by potential buyers in starting the
transaction process. Star ratings on products greatly affect the selling
process. Each buyer will definitely make another customer review to be

With the existence of negative reviews, prospective buyers will increasingly
identify the product as a whole. Lack of products experienced by other
customers. Of course, potential customers also already know that each product
to be purchased must have shortcomings.

Special offer

Every online store must provide special offers to prospective
buyers or regular customers. Special offers can increase sales up to 2 times or
even up to 3 times. Special offers can be shared on the website, email or using
social media.

With the help of good copywriting will bring prospective buyers to shop.
From those who originally did not intend to buy products, they bought products
in large quantities. This is of course not just a standard feature, but a place
to get the fortune needed by every online store.


This feature will increase the opportunity for customers to buy products
that have marked the product. Indicating the product on the wishlist has
indicated to customer interest. It can even be
interpreted that the customer also likes that kind of product. So that
recommendations can be made to customers of similar products with similar

Customers can also share products on the wishlist with others. It’s not that
the customer has given free traffic to the e-commerce site.

Find in Store

Not all e-commerce site has this feature. But actually this feature is very
useful for sellers and buyers. Where buyers who really want to buy products
with this seller will always look for products in this seller’s shop. With the
Find in Store feature, it will be easier for buyers to find products in the
seller’s store.

Related Item

Features that make recommendations of similar products that are being seen
by potential buyers. By providing recommendations for similar products will
increase sales in the hope that buyers will also buy products that have been
recommended. The recommended product must be a product that is similar to the
viewed product. These similarities can be in the form of similarities of
brands, uses, shapes to prices.


Many online stores are targeted by irresponsible cyber crime. Cyber ​​Crime
aims to steal all information entrusted by customers to online stores. Commonly
targeted information is customer’s personal information such as credit card
numbers. Therefore security in online stores must be a concern. This can be
tricked by having an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), Firewall and Double Login

Payment method

Crucial features that must be considered. Payment methods that will be
applied in the transaction process. Complicated and troublesome method for customers will make customers reluctant to shop at the e-commerce site.

Goods shipping information

After going through the checkout process, the customer is eager to find out
related produinformation related. Goods shipping information
must also include shipping costs and also an estimated date of delivery to the

Contact information page

When a buyer has an obstacle, the first time you search for it is definitely the contact
information page. Therefore this page is very necessary in order to provide
comfort to prospective buyers. The information provided on this page is also
sought not to make it difficult for customers to transact.

Product grouping

Grouping of products is very easy for prospective buyers to find the desired
product. Grouping in the form of grouping of products based on product
categories. There are many product categories provided by e-commerce. But there
is still no grouping of this category. Product categories already sold at super
cheap prices. Usually products can only be sorted by price, but not a
collection of various product categories at low prices. It looks simple, but
many e-commerce site has not demonstrate this feature.

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